Friday, March 5, 2010

You might want to sit down LOL this could take a bit...

My grandma died the first February and our dog was also killed. We had a vacation planned and weren't quite sure if we would still feel up to a vacation but we decided to head out anyway and went to Vegas.. We weren't planning on getting another dog for a while but we saw this little guy and had to get him.. Its funny that he is the same color as our cat.. They are such great friends!!

This is my sweet and amazing husband.. He played the bagpipes for my grandma at her funeral it was georgous..

Dan dad moved in wiht us and we re-did our guest room for him I love how it turned out!!!
Dan took this picture with my camera I thought it was so pretty!!!


suebjensen said...

Dan really did an awesome job!! I loved it so much.

The Barclay's said...

Thanks Aunt Susan.. I was so proud of him..