Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love having girls!!!

wE Have been having so much fun lately.. Taylee is getting older and more aware of whats going on around her, and how to respond. She loves buckets and lucky her that Addison loves to play with her. The other day we came into the living room and found her inside this.. Addi was pushing her around the living room in it and they were both laughing pretty hard. Here are their outfits st. patricks day morning. Aren't they georgous in green??

More of Taylee in the bucket.. I love her cute smile.. Girls really are the best

OH Miss Addison.. She is loving learning how to read.. we could hear her laughing and playing and then all the sudden it went quiet.. and this is what we found her passed out in the hallway with a book over her head.. Like I said I LOVE my girls.. they always keep me laughing and make every day more exciting..

I love them both so much!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My house

We have almost had our house 2 years.. It will be 2 years in may.. I can't believe what we have done in the 2 years we have had it.. Before we could even buy the home we had to move the kitchen it was in the basement and the bank would not loan us the money on the home.. so we knocked down this wall.. It was crazy We then decided that we wanted our laundry room upstairs and this is how it tunred out.. Not to bad If I say so myself..

This is a few pictures of the kitchen downstairs as we were demolishing it.. It was so awful we only had 3 days to do it and I was pregnant with Taylee AND NO help at all.. My husband was such a trooper..

This is what we got with the finished product.. We stained the cabinets patched where the wall had been ripped out, and painted..

The bathroom downstairs had this paneling on it that was relly not our style so we ripped out the paneling and set forth on the bathroom..

We had to replace the toilet becuase it was leaking .. What a fun process we did this a week before I had taylee.

This is what it looked like after.. We textured all the walls and painted.. what a pain.. in the butt its no wonder we have finally started to finish a few small things.. It only took us 2 years to get over the shock and the torment of remodelling..

remember the cabinets we ripped out.. this is what we did to the room after we were done, we made it into a living room...
I'm so proud of my husband and what we accomplished.. so glad its over.. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

You might want to sit down LOL this could take a bit...

My grandma died the first February and our dog was also killed. We had a vacation planned and weren't quite sure if we would still feel up to a vacation but we decided to head out anyway and went to Vegas.. We weren't planning on getting another dog for a while but we saw this little guy and had to get him.. Its funny that he is the same color as our cat.. They are such great friends!!

This is my sweet and amazing husband.. He played the bagpipes for my grandma at her funeral it was georgous..

Dan dad moved in wiht us and we re-did our guest room for him I love how it turned out!!!
Dan took this picture with my camera I thought it was so pretty!!!