Friday, February 19, 2010


So my Taylee is 18 months she barely started walking the first of February. She is so stubborn Since November 18 She has been sick.. you can see how grey her poor eyes are and how pale her face is. We have been taking her to the doctor atleast once a week since. I finally called the doctors and said PLEASE do somthing I have a feeling something is not right with her and this is getting ridiculous.. They sent us to the hospital for some tests.. She had to have an x-ray and get some blood work done.. It was horrible she just cried..

They found out that she has bronchitis and allergies as well.. So she has to have breathing treatments for 45 days twice a day.. And she also has to have allergy medicine every night.

She hates the dang machine but is getting pretty good at it.. she must know it makes her feel better.

Hard to believe that she was just this little 6 months ago..


Roger and Tasha said...

Hey!! Yep I am. Its ok we didn't talk much that weekend. Things were kind of nuts! Hey we will add you to our blog. Thanks for the comment

Torre said...

I'm glad they got her figured out! Poor thing!!