Friday, February 19, 2010


So my Taylee is 18 months she barely started walking the first of February. She is so stubborn Since November 18 She has been sick.. you can see how grey her poor eyes are and how pale her face is. We have been taking her to the doctor atleast once a week since. I finally called the doctors and said PLEASE do somthing I have a feeling something is not right with her and this is getting ridiculous.. They sent us to the hospital for some tests.. She had to have an x-ray and get some blood work done.. It was horrible she just cried..

They found out that she has bronchitis and allergies as well.. So she has to have breathing treatments for 45 days twice a day.. And she also has to have allergy medicine every night.

She hates the dang machine but is getting pretty good at it.. she must know it makes her feel better.

Hard to believe that she was just this little 6 months ago..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A very Bad week!!!

This week was a horrible week. On monday I got a phone call that my Grandma Sorensen had passed away. It was so hard. I knew that she was sick and was ready but I guess I wasn't. Who really ever is though ready to lose somone they love? She was such an inspiration to me. I learned so much about life from her. I miss her she use to get so excited everytime I would call her and loved to hear stories about the girls. What a great example. Her funeral was Friday. At teh services I slipped and fell and my shoes went into her burial spot. A memory I will never forget.

On Wednesday Our dog Titan got out. We looked for him everywhere, and we couldn't find him. He has gotten out a few times but has always come back. I called the pound, the dog catcher and even reported his chip and missing. On our way north to the funeral our neighbor called and said that her husband had to call dispatch. A dog had been hit, left for dead and was laying in the road. It was our titan.. He was such a good dog the first one I had even really been attached to.

Needless to say it was a very bad week. We lost 2 important people in our lives that we will miss very much.