Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting Christmas Trees

We decided this year we were going to get a real tree instead of a fake tree. So we headed up the mountain, and this is what we found. The snow was so deep that when dan and I walked out to get a tree it went up to my knees.

Addison had to play in it she was so excited.. Our dog Titan thought it was great too.. He was bouncing every where..

It was fun.. we al froze but addison said that it was her best day ever :) So it must of been worth it..

Friday, December 4, 2009

a little updated

So Here are just some random Pictures that I wanted to post about.. We got a new member of our family his name is Titan, and he is totally spoiled we adopted him from the shelter and couldn't be happier.. He never barks, doesn't shed, and is good around my kids.. Dan has been going ice fishing alot it is his favorite thing to do.. Ah thank goodness for winter LOL here is just a few of the fish he has been catching they are so pretty.

Taylee is finally getting some hair. Addison favorite thing is to put her hair in a mo-hawk it is kind of cute.

I have been playing with my photography software and made this graduation announcment for a friend.. I also got a studio and am so excited to get it set up. We are going to put it in our guest room :)

Addison has been reading like crazy for school and I am so proud of her. What a smart little thing she is. I love her so much..