Thursday, November 26, 2009

Barclay Thanksgiving

This year for thanksgiving we decided to have it a week early. It has been almost 4 years since all of us had been in the same room. So its safe to say its about time.. We did a christmas/thanksgiving dinner. It was so much fun.. Here is Addison, Preston & Quinn working on their gingerbread houses. Of course someone alwasy gets hurt.. Addison was jumping on her bed and got this shiner.. It looks like she has purple and blue eyeshadow on.. I told her this is why we tell her not to jump on the bed, its because we love her and don't want her to get hurt. (maybe next time she will listen)

There is also always a disaster. Poor cami & arley we gave them so much hassle to come a day early so we could all be together and of course they lost a tire.. thank goodness for walmart..

This is Ryan, Cami, Dave, Mylea & Dan they haven't all had a picture together for who knows how long??
Here they are again .. Totally can't tell they are related or anything.. LOL Don't ask about dan I have no idea why his hand is on his heart maybe secretly he was practicing the pledge of allegiance.
Here is Ryan, Dan step dad Richard his mom Clarinda, Mylea Cami & Dan
It was such a fun time, Hopefully we can do it again next year..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A little update on us..

So it has been such a long time since i posted. its been so crazy around here. We are never home.. Anyhow A little update on us. Taylee is one and she still won't walk. She will stand there in the middle of the room but thats as much as she will do. She is starting to talk more. she says daddy, doggy, kitty, addi, na na which is night night when she's tired, ba ba, ball, lights, whats that you notice she won't say mama. stubborn little thing :) addison is doing very well in school one of the smartest in her class she has been spending lots of time with her dad going hunting..