Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I would like to go private ASAP!! there are a few poeple who I know check my blog, and i dont' have their email addresses. So please leave them, I will keep my blog open until next week.. Again sorry.. HERE IS TO ALL YOU CREEPY BLOG STALKERS!!! YOU ARE RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going Private!!!

I know.. I know.. but you should check out my traffic feed some strange people checking out my blog.. from another country.. I'm not exactly ok with that so anyhow If you want me to allow you to read my blog just leave your email address.. stupid creepy blog stalkers.. if you don't want to leave your email on here email me at emilyv.barclay@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

more from the vacation :)

These were taken at Resort Villas. It is one of the condo's dan mom owns.. we love to go here and watch the planes land, and the pool is the best for kids

Addison and Taylee were having so much fun just splashing in the water


Here are just a few pics from my phone of our vacation I need to download the rest onto my computer and the I will post more.. anyhow here is some from our day at the pool.. IN 86 degrees might I add..

This is Taylee chillin in her stroller by the side of the pool :)

This is Dan and Addi loungin in the blow up chair. Addison sat in that thing for an hour just floating around the pool it was cute

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eastering :)

We went to my parents house on Saturday to color Easter eggs and have dinner. The easter bunny was going to bring addison a 22. I know - I Know she's only 4 but it's the only thing she wanted a (PINK) one and it was more for dan and I. We let her stay the night at my mom and dads because she has been begging to stay there and when she came home and saw her gun she screamed, "My Gun, My Gun" No worries its locked up safe.. We took her on Sunday to shoot it and ShE LOVED IT> She just wants to be so much like her dad.. Well Kylie thanks for coloring eggs with us, I think kylie and I, and my mom had much more fun then Addison.. Especially Kylie and her drawings.. LOL


We are having so much fun with taylee. She has quite the personality. She throws tantrums - arches her back and squeals- she fake cough cries when she's hungry and is the happies little thing.. can't imagine what we ever did without her.. :) she is already 8 months old.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday My love!

So today is Dan Birthday he is 26. Just wanted to take this time and tell you a few thigns about him, and also share some pictures of him..

Dan loves his children. He is the cutest dad always taking Addison hiking with him and playing with her.. He is good to help with Taylee for the most part he loves to get a smile out of her.

He LOVES and I mean LOVES hunting and anythign to do with hunting he is always talking about new guns he would like and hunts he would like to go on..

He also loves the new blue mountain dew because it is rasberrry and he LOVES anything Rasberry.

His favorite dinner is Spaghetti I could make it three nights a week and he's be fine..

He loves his truck and takes such pride in it working on it for hours on end detailing it..

He loves his dad and is very good to help him with whatever he needs

He loves his friends and would also do anything for them..

Dan has the tenderest heart i've ever seen and he wears it on his sleeve. I am so lucky to have him.. I love you honey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So... I had the wierdest thing happen to me.. Most of you know that my mother (marial) passed away when I was six, well my parents had saved her stuff for me (thanks by the way mom & dad for doing that) and I was going through it again the other day and came accross a few things. A letter from my dad to my mom (a letter that i couldn't stop laughing when i read it.. sorry dad but it was funny) that was addressed to the same apartment that Dan and I first lived in when we got married.. Funny that's where my dad and my mom lived when they first got married. I also came accross this article about this woman who had recieved a liver transplant from the same hospital (LDS hospital) on the same day that my mom died (september 11, 1991) The ladies name was Laurel. It was kind of cool she had four kids and was basically going to die and then recieved this liver which i assume was probably my moms.

I had tucked the article away in a box and the other day I had the strangest feeling that I should look her up. Not sure why, but i just keep having this gut wrenching feeling. So I went upstairs and went through the box and found the article and googled her.. Gotta love google.. anyhow there she was her and her husband and it also listed her daughters name. I went to dial the number and hung up the phone. What would you say? What should I say? And why I felt like I needed to call her?

I called and her husband answered. I didn't know what to say I didn't want to ask for her incase she had passed away so I just called asked for the husband and said, "My name is Emily, my mother passed away on September 11, 1991. " and then I froze.. thank goodness he was still there.. And then i said, "I think that your wife may have got my mom's liver?" immediately he said hang on and I was mortified - what had I done, this guy probably thinks that I am nuts? Then a voice picked up the phone and she said, "This is Laurel, i've been praying that you would call me." guess that explains the gut wrenching feeling that I should call her.

We talked for quite a while she cried and I balled like a baby and she told me a little about her life and that she would love to meet me.. It was such a neat experience. Not exactly positive that she got my mom's liver but pretty confident. Same hospital, same day, and they are close to the same age.. Laurel said that she has not had one problem in eighteen years has not ever gone to the doctor's even; other than for routine check ups (my mom had lupus so I thought it was amazing that her liver was so good this lady had never had problems).. She just kept telling me over and over again how pleased she was that I had called. What an awesome experience..