Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Addison and Nevada had their first halloween party at preschool.. they were so excited.. Addison went as Cinderella and Nevada was Hannah Montana.. How cute!! I can't believe they are already having preschool parties.. they are growing up so fast.. They are only a month apart and they are the best little friends i LOVE IT..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our friend Jakell came to see Taylee a few weeks ago. I was looking on her blog and I found this picutre of Taylee. I had to snag it becuase everytime i look at this picture it just makes me laugh.. this is Taylee!! you know what i mean sometimes a pictures just says it all..this picture shows her bright eyes, squishy cheeks and lovealbe lips.. so anyhow Thanks jakell for capturing my daughter!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have never really done these tag things, but since we all know how bored I am its only 1 am and I still can't sleep why not? and besides 8 is my lucky number :)

8 things tagged:

(I got tagged by liz)

8 TV shows I like to watch...
Wife Swap
littlge people big world
john & kate + 8
man vs wild

8 Favorite Restaurants...
del taco
panda express
ideal dairy
sagebrush grill

8 Things that Happened Yesterday...
decorated a birhtday cake
ordered flowers
suprised someone
cooked a yummy dinner (shocking I know)
went to lunch with tommie
talked to taylee
argued with addison
cleaned my house

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To...
tommie time
a full night of sleep
fitting into my skinny pants again
adopting a new dog
doing addisons hair in the morning
my house to be compeltely finished

8 Things on my Wish List...
a 2008 ford escape
sectional i have been wanting
a vacation
new clothes
a jetted tub
the circut machine
new shoes

8 People I'm Tagging...
Jessica, Tommie, Melissa, Natalie, Mandy, Carie, Becca, Stacy

couldn't sleep

so last night i couldn't sleep and so i started playing on my friends blogs checking them out.. i made some word thing from my cousin stacy's blog its called a wordle im way to computer challenged though because i couldn't figure out how to post it on my blog.. then i started going on some of my friends blogs and I found the cutest blogs..

The problem is im still not going to be able to sleep because now, i am way excited to try out some of these cute hair dos that I found.. if only I knew how to french braid..thats my task for this week.. learn how, and I know just the person to teach me ( Aunt Susan)

All work and no play - YA RIGHT!!

Here is some more pictures of addison raking the leaves at my moms house..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Update on Taylee

Here are some pictures of Taylee. I can't believe how much she is changing she finally started wearing 0-3 month clothes she is just tiny i guess.. she is starting to talk more and smile more and she has really started to recognize my voice i love it.. she definately completes our family thats for sure.. I hope she stays looking like her daddy she looks so much like him..

Working hard

I had to go up north for a meeting and so addison went with my mom for the day..she loves to go there she follows my mom everywhere.. she is like her little shadow.. its funny becauses she has more then one grandma and she keeps track of them very well my mom happens to be grandpas grandma why? I HAVE NO CLUE but thats what she calls her dans mom is (daddy's mom grandma and Richard) funny how she keeps them apart.. anyhow she loves to help my mom with everything and the other day they raked leaves.. she won't stop talking about how now "we need to get a rake so she can rake leaves at our house".. I love that little girl she totally cracks me up..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Captain Dan!!

Addison made this hat at preschool for columbus day.. She was so proud!! She had her daddy try it on and made me take a picture so he could see.. Ha!Ha! I totally had to post it on our blog so everyone else could see just how cute dan looked :)

Pretty in Pink!!

I bought this outfit for Addison the other day at K-mart. She looked so cute.. I had to post this picture of her.. she was so proud of her new outfit, and i thougth she looked adorable..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I pooped!!

Isn't it funny how you talk to babies..
EX: Did you go poo poo
Do you ever wonder what goes through their heads when you say stuff like that? Well I was talking baby talk to Taylee excited about her pooping because she has a hard time and Addison got excited for her too it was funny.. Well not that you all want to know but Addison was in the bathroom the other day and she came running out screaming "I pooped" it was so funny.. I guess she thought that I need to get excited for her too..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We Interrupt this marriage to bring you the hunting season!!

Boy if that doesn' say it all.. I saw that sign at one of the stores in town, and let me tell you for all those women like me whose husbands hunt.. IT FITS!! Last weekend Dan decided that he had to go hunting.. funny thing is he didnt'even have a tag.. He went to buy one and they were sold out.. but he didnt' want to let his friend matt down so he went anyway.. Well first of all friday he txt's me and says if I get off early will you come spend time with me.. Well of course i went and Matt shows up early figures.. and then dan had to load up anyway so there was not much time to be spent.. Saturday night Addison was crying because she wanted her daddy so i had her call him, and she cried made him feel bad..(I thought it was funny) She's four and she already knows the master of a guilt trip..
Sunday morning my door flings open at 9:30 in the morning I was scared to death I jumped out of bed, and there was dan.. He said he missed his family, and so he came home early.. and not only that he was nice the entire day.. like way nice.. It was great Addison totally has him wrapped around her little finger.