Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Weekend Project

We had purchased a new vanity for the house well we bought it from dans mom and step dad when we bought the house, anyhow I have been begging dan for weeks to remodel the bathroom down stairs. We needed a new toilet and the vanity installed and just the walls textured and painted. The washer and dryer use to be in this bathroom as well and we wanted them moved up stairs.. (well I did) It sounded easy enough.. YA RIGHT!!! There was some paneling on the walls that we had to rip down and low and behold behind this paneling was a hole bunch of holes.. our weekend few hour project turned into the never ending project. My poor dan, he had to repair all the holes in the wall, there were big gaps in between the door frame that he had to fill in with sheet rock.. I love him.. he is such a trooper.. He even joked around with me while we were hanging up the mirrors in the vanity.. Here are some of the before pictures I need to take some afters when I get home..

Aunt Kylie

Addison loves her Aunt Kylie. We are going to miss her when she goes to college. Last night I told addison that kylie was leaving to college, and Addison said, "it's ok she can come sleep in my room." It probably won't hit addie until a month after Kylie is gone and she realizes.. ha ha..

Friday, July 18, 2008

more pictures

Here are just a few more pictures of the ones I took.. the ones of addison she is just being silly she kept standing in places and telling me to take her picture..